Unsinkable by Reflekt

Unsinkable by Reflect.

Polarized Sunglasses that don't sink!

Unsinkable sunglasses come in 2 different types of lens Technologies and 2 Lens Colors.

Both Lens technologies feature two Colors - Grey or Brown.

Color Blast Lenses.

Color Blast Lens Technology features 7 different layers of protections.

Protects against sweat, salt, smudging, with polarized and Rear Lens Blue Light Barrier.

The Color Blast Lens has Scratch Coating that houses the 7 layers of lens technology!

Super lightweight and impact resistant.

Core Series lenses.

Core Series Lens feature a polarized lens that has 1S Anti Scratch Coating, 12% VLT Visual Light Transition, and 100% UV Protection.

Purchase includes 1 time replacement for a $35. processing fee via Unsinkable Reflect.

Breakage/Scratched Lenses- Warranty covers an unlimited amount of damage claims for life.

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