Unsinkable Seafarer Ebony Fade Blue Mirror

seafarer ebony fade blue mirror
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Brand: Unsinkable


The Ultimate Watersports Sunglasses include-

  • VaporLite™ Frame Technology---So light, they Float
    • Classic frame design provides a stylish look along with good coverage from the elements
  • Blue Mirror Colorblast™ Polarized lenses
    • Revolutionary Nylon material is Injection Molded (not heat bent)
    • Optics of glass yet lighter than water
    • Optimal thickness for strength & impact resistance
    • Embedded Blue Light Filter allows colors to pop
    • 100% UVA & UVB protection
    • Ripel Coating—anti-scratch, salt, sweat, & smudge
    • BPA FREE
    • 10% Visual Light Transmittance---grey base tint
    • Best suited for bright sunlight conditions on the open water
  • Hydrogrip™ nose pads
  • Stainless Steel hinge screws
  • Lifetime + Loss Warranty
  • Includes branded Microfiber pouch to clean & store your shades
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